Telescopic Boom Truck Crane With Aerial Working Platform (Truck Mounted Lift) is a mechanical device used to provide temporary access for people or equipment to inaccessible areas, usually at height, it can be transported to virtually any job site or location. It is one of the most versatile assets that can be owned today, which is widely used to repair street lamps at daytime and night. People can stand in the platform basket. It is so convenient and safe that help to increasing the work efficiency. The platform can bear 2~4 persons simultaneously. The max. lifting height is 35m for the telescopic straight boom.

Truck Chassis
1)Scientific power matching ensure more robust power transmission and more energy-saving power systems.
2)Hydraulic steering system makes structure simple & turning easily.
3)Sophisticated chassis design and matching system makes the crane more reliable performance and lower maintenance costs.
4)Various strengthened road testing to ensure that the chassis with more reliable performance.
5)Intelligent torque limiter system,full protection for crane to ensure the operation is more accurate, more stable, more comfortable.

Henan Santo Crane Co., Ltd.

Hydraulic System
1)Telescoping system using traffic renewable technology which dramatically improves the speed of outriggers.
2)Hydraulic parts such as balance valve, hydraulic lock are made of high-quality components which can improve reliability of system.
3)Hydraulic components’rational layout will make maintenance more simple and convenient.

Henan Santo Crane Co., Ltd.

Henan Santo Crane Co., Ltd.

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