Aerial Working Platform Truck is modified from the original brand chassis, the vehicle with beautiful appearance, powerful functions and high safety coefficient, has many advanced production security functions, to ensure the safety of the operator operation. It is widely used in electricity, street, city, gardens, telecommunications, airports, building (revised) ship, transportation, advertising, photography, and other areas of the aerial work. It's the ideal vehicle of the municipal administration, electricity maintenance, traffic management departments for electric power maintenance and street lamps installation.

Knuckle Boom Truck Crane With Aerial Working Platform

Hydraulic system

Hydraulic motor components import from American Eaton, balancing valve import from  Danish, seal ring made by Taiwan, multi-way valve import from Turkey, other major parts such as hydraulic cylinder, hydraulic lock adopt of  domestic famous brands.

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The main load-bearing structure adopt high strength steel,reliable and durable. Advanced multiplexed control valves and other control components, to realize stepless speed regulating operation; With the arm up and down limit , the dual interlock, engine emergency shut down and restart and Work platform, turntable, the ground three operations functions, etc, to ensure the security of operation workers.

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 Car body and metal accessories for spraying anti-corrosion primers and paint, strong adhesion, good corrosion resistance, uniform paint film, color bright lasting, improve beautiful degree, able to withstand adverse environment, such as damp, dusty, salt fog, long-term use does not produce the problem such as cracking, peeling, faded. Color could choose according customer request.

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