General description
1. Announced chassis: BMC 4102 engine,power steering box, barely able to brake, with high /low speed brake.
2. Hydraulic system: Hydraulic control system operation, integrated hydraulic valve group operate independently (It can realize composite action).
3. Rotation system: 1.2 meters diameter, 50 manganese steel calcined play track flint fire conditioning inner gearrotary support, a senior central gyrator continuous indefinitely (360° rotating), planetary slewing reducer.
4. Winch system: Main and auxiliary winchs. Main winch: Axial piston motor crane dedicated 8 tons of hydraulic winch, Aux. Winch: 7ton hydraulic winch.
5. Crane boom: Eight sides arm (Automatic hydraulic oil cylinder arm).
6. Outrigger system: Full hydraulic automatic vertical and horizontal cylinder telescopic H outrigger.
7. Drilling size: Φ500mm×3500mm


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For different place, Vehicles are manufactured in left-hand drive (LHD) or right-hand drive (RHD) configurations, referring to the placement of the driving seat and controls within the vehicle. China default is left-hand drive (LHD). If your default and preference is right-hand drive (RHD), please advise us in your inquiry, or we will take it as China default left-hand drive (LHD).



1) Full hydraulic pressure drive, work steady, operation speed adjustable, high efficiency, low labor intensity.

2) Equipped with safety lock and hydraulic brake, advanced technology, good safety.

3) Use manufacturer production vehicle chassis with reasonable configuration, reliability is guaranteed.

4) Crane jib materials using the national standard steel.

5) Equipped with night lighting and scheduling area warning device for operator.

6) The truck crane is small in size and is more suitable for small space.

About the drilling rig/earth auger
1.Forged hoods ears: Deal with the heavy strain of daily use. Contact surface wider and safer.
2.American Motor: Developing the most reliable wear parts.
3.Gearbox: Unique planetary gearbox. Multiplied output torque. Extreme efficiency.
4.NON-dislodgement shaft: Assembled top down locked into earth drill house. Never fall out. Provided a safer environment.


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