General description
QC Electromagnetic Overhead Crane
Double girder overhead crane with magnet  is a special product equipped with electromagnetic chuck that used to lift iron or steel blocks, cylinders and so on. It consists of bridge, crane travelling mechanism, trolley, electric equipment and electromagnetic chuck. Both traveling mechanism and trolley motors are special motors for canes, large starting torque and loading capacity. Magnetic retentive is 10 minutes after power shut. The shape of electromagnet can be designed according to adsorptive goods.
QC Electromagnetic Overhead Crane
Electromagnetic bridge crane has detachable electromagnetic panel, it is suitable for handing and transporting magnetic black metal products and materials (ingot steel, shape steel, pig iron etc.) in metallurgical plant both indoor and outdoor. The product also used to transporting steel material, iron, scarp iron, scrap steel etc.
QC Double Girder Overhead Crane


Detail features

1. On material. All compression structural part of crane's components is made of high quality materials confirming with the regulations and standards, whose inspection report can be provided when required.

2. On welding. The welding of steel structures will be strictly checked and inspected by specialist and the inspection reports also can be provided on requirement.

3. On magnetic chuck. The magnetic chuck has huge magnetic force which can be used to lift and transport wide range of metal products and can handle large volume of metals at a time.

4. On motor. Top brand motors are installed with good performance and with Class F insulation and IP54 protective class.

5. On electric system. PLC control to all the mechanism and any speed requirement can be achieved.

6. On control system. Cabin with joystick panel, wireless control and pendant control can be your choices.

7. On painting. 3 layers of painting is painted to protect the steel from rusting.

8. On safety. Various protection measures are taken to ensure the safety of crane and operation. Overload limit, height limit, rail end stop limit for traveling are used to protect mechanical system and short circuit protection, lose phase protection, low-voltage protection, power failure protection, over current protection are used to protect electric system.

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