LX electric single girder under-slung crane shapes like LDA top-running crane, but its whole body is slung under a suspension I-steel rail system. This series crane can effectively utilize the upper space of workshop, and be used to transport loads to specific location in workshop and even between workshops.

LX suspension crane is usually in ground control mode, if required, remote controller and/or fixed operation cab are available. It also can be configured to be frequency variable and/or explosion-proof.  

Very small trolley approach dimensions meaning maximum utilization of the building’s width and height. The possibility of using the existing ceiling girder for securing the crane track.


Application of single girder suspension crane

The light duty crane is usually used in the working environment with no combustible, explosive or corrosive substance or media, such as, machinery assembly, warehouse, caves, etc.


Main features of single girder suspension crane

1. One type of main girder is consisted of I-beam and channel, used for lifting small tonnage loads and the other type is consisted of U shaped steel and I- beam, used for large tonnage loads.

2. All the hoist and crane movements are independent and can be run simultaneously.

3. Electric hoist mobile power supply is constituted by flat cables or special cables.

4. The electric hoist can be selected according to your requirements.

5. Ground control method: pendant and remote control.

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