Wall traveling jib crane is a special machine used in the workshop of machine manufacturing and assembling. It slews on the wall through the rail mounted on the wall of multilayer assembly shop; it can make the best of the space structure of the workshop; saves the manufacture place and can operate flexible. The jib crane has two kinds according to the primary structural member: single girder and double girder.
Wall Traveling Cantilever Jib Crane
1.The power of crane is three-phase AC; rated frequency is 50Hz; rated voltage is 380V;
2.The temperature of working environment is -20~+45℃; the max. relative humidity is no less than 85%;
3.Working class of the crane is A3~A5;
4.Working environment of the crane is indoor;
5.The crane that has special requirements for environmental shall execute the contract articles.



1. Fitting & fabrication workstations.

2. Building Maintenance.

3. Plant room maintenance.

4. Marine loading and maintenance.

5. Machine centre loading and maintenance to name a few applications.


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