General Introduction

Vertical Guide Rail Hydraulic Platform Cargo Lifts are driven by the electric and hydraulic system along the guide rail, equipped with single side or double sides hydraulic cylinder to keep the machinery work smoothly and steadily. It makes easy and low-cost floor cargo transportation possible with steady movements, simple operation, and mufti-protection.

● Can be installed in the pit or the ground floor to convey the goods from one working lever to another.
● The control panels are avaliable at the designated floors and on the lift platforms, with up down stop button.
● The key components of the machine include guide rail, platform and a mechanical or hydraulic lifting mechanism.
● Hydraulic guide rail cargo lift has various working types, including single column, double column, four-column, Unilateral, Bilateral, and multilateral delivery.
Indoor and Outdoor Application Case
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Garage Car Lift for Parking or Storage
Hydraulic car lift
Performance Characteristics

● Non-scissor type hydraulic lift, for transporting the goods between floors.

● Min. height 150-160mm, it's most suitable for the industrial occasions where don't need digging pits.
● The control button is all put on the ground, but  it's can be changed onto the platform or controlled by a remote controller.
● Structure: single-column, double-column, four-column.
● It has smooth movement, simple operation and reliable, hydraulic, Electric multiple protection, so that  transmission between floors can be economic and relaxed.
● Without restriction of space, they are widely used in lifting operations over large areas, such narrow space as warehouses, factories, highways and stairwell place where we could not dig pits.
● The guide rail lift with flexible lifting range, large loading capacity, are compact and lightweight. The overload protection devices are available and meanwhile the lift system has the ani-drop function when any failure happens.
● Power supply is from local power sources.

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● Spillover valve, it can prevent high pressure when the machine moves up.
● Manual emergency valve, it can go down to the nearest floor and open the door when you meet an emergency.
● Manual pump: it can move up the nearest floor and open the door when you meet an emergency.
● Pipe fracture valve, when the hydraulic system pipe fracture, it can cut down the channel of the oil to stop the falling.
● Temperature protection, when the temperature of the hydraulic oil is substandard, the machine will stop working until the temperature reverts to the safe standard.
● Phase lack & phase dislocation protection.

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