The movable hydraulic scissor lifts are widely used for the equipment installation and maintenance, mainly used in construction site, workshop, warehouse, airport, bus&railway station, exhibition center, hotel, supermarket, garage, gas station, aerial pipeline, communication and so on. 

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 ● Made of high intensity manganese steel tubes, never deformed.
 ● Antiskid upper platform plate and 1000mm height guardrail to guarantee opertor's safety.
 ● Anti explosion valve to prevent upper platform from dropping suddenly when any emergency .You can open the emergency decline valve to lower the platform to the home position.
 ● Spillover valve: It can prevent high pressure when the machine moves up to adjust work pressure.
 ● Special made casting steel hinge ear, well wearable , with a long service life.
 ● High strength steel structures smoothly lift up and drop down, easily operated, few faults.


Different Power & Applicable place

Henan Santo Crane Co., Ltd.

A. Electric Powered / AC powered

 ● When the electricity is available, usually for Indoor use

 ● No noise and air pollution

 ● Voltage: 110V, 220V, 380V, 415V

B. Diesel Powered

 ● When the electricity is not available, usually for Outdoor use

 ● Longer use time

C. Battery Powered / DC powered

 ● When the electricity is not available, usually for Outdoor use

 No noise and air pollution

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