Henan Santo Crane Co., Ltd.


· Multi-function slewing and anti-snag technology

· Active rectifier technology applied for energy recycling

· Intelligent control on spreader track improves efficiency and safety

· High-speed traversing of trolley on the rails of girders

· Soft and intelligent landing of containers onto the truck

· Automatic positioning and locking of spreader

· Malfunction automatic detection and real-time display of data on CMS interface



· CAE design system improves designing efficiency and quality

· Modularity of over 40 thousand parts

· Top manufacturing with high-strength full welding steel structure conforming to AWS

· Rigorous test and detection system including fatigue, vibration, control, power etc.

· High quality product, rapid manufacturing and quick delivery

Henan Santo Crane Co., Ltd.


· Superior inclusive view from the cab ease tension and fatigue of operator

· Centralized S+B joystick ensure precise control and convenient operation

· Centralized console with appropriate layout and ergonomic design

· 10.1 inch high-resolution touch screen

· Damping suspension seat is comfortable, ventilating and adjustable

· Multi-function air-conditioner is anti-fog, defrosting and ventilating

· Sound-absorbing and denoising

· Radio in the cab



· Mounting preciseness of the trolley rail conforms to the FEA regulations.

· Braking devices of the high-speed brake set on the two ends

· A safety support to prevent the trolley frame from falling

· Driven by a full digital frequency control system

· Integrate coating technology prevent erosion from salt spray


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