RTG is customized to meet your unique demand at ports and yards, available in standard model and tailored models with multiple choices of hoisting height, spans and specifications.

Modular design, top manufacturing, leading technologies and rigorous tests give you the best RTG crane in the shortest period.

Rubber Tyred container Gantry crane (RTG) is a mobile gantry yard crane used for stacking intermodal containers within the stacking areas of a container terminal. RTG cranes are used at container terminals and container storage yards to straddling multiple lanes of rail/road and container storage, or when maximum storage density in the container stack is desired. 

Rubber Tired Gantry container crane(RTG) is generally made up of the following unit: Frame, hoisting system, minimum turing mechanism, bridge traveling and turning mechanism, trolley traveling mechanism,container spreader, diessel generator set and eletrical equipment, other aiding equipment for safety. Crane is accessible to PLC and CMMS and has sufficient power supply for lighting and communication. 

Standards followed during design and manufacturing processes: 
Rubber tired transtainer specification, 
Test method for rubber tired gantry container crane, 
Safety rules for lifting appliances, 
Design rules for cranes, 
Gantry crane technical requirements. 
ISO standards and FEM. 

By comparison with Rail Mounted Gantry container crane(RMG), RTG is better in flexibility and economy and being more adjustable to container yard. However, it shares the feature of rigid requirements of maintenance and higher expense in utility.




Rated hoisting capacity under spreader

41 t / 50 t / 61 t / 65 t



23.47 m / 26.4 m / based on the yard

23.47 m

Hoisting height

18.2~26.4 m

18.2 m

Hoisting speed full load

20~30 m/min

23 m/min

Hoisting speed empty load

40~60 m/min

46 m/min

Gantry traveling speed full load

30~50 m/min

70 m/min

Gantry traveling speed empty load

90~150 m/min

70 m/min

Trolley traversing speed

70 m/min

50/130 m/min

Power supply

Diesel generator unit, cable reel + auxiliary diesel generator unit, trolley conductor + auxiliary diesel generator unit, battery + auxiliary diesel generator unit

Diesel engine


RTG crane / Transtainer Introduction

RTG crane / Transtainer is a mobile rubber tyred gantry crane, often powered by diesel generator systems or other power supply equipment, which is an excellent solution for medium-sized container handling. The lifting capacity of RTG crane / Transtainer is 20 to 45 ton and the working class is A6.

Product Type


Lifting Capacity


Span Length 


Working Class


Ambient Temperature



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