General Description of QZ Double Girder Overhead Crane With Grab

Grab bucket bridge crane


QZ Double Girder Overhead Crane With Grab is a heavy duty overhead crane equipped with grab bucket, which can be used frequently. The lifting capacity of Grab bucket crane included the dead weight of the grab bucket is 5 ton to 25 tons. The working class of the Grab bucket crane is A6.

Grab crane is mainly consisted of bridge frame, crane traveling mechanism, lifting trolley, electric equipment, grab bucket, etc.

Grab Bucket

Grab bucket is a tool for efficiently loading and unloading materials such as, sands, coal, mineral powder and bulk chemical fertilizer, etc. The grab bucket is equipped for the crane to grab bulk materials. There are two types of grab buckets, the orange grab and clamshell grab. The orang grab is suitable for handling materials, such as, steel scrap, big iron stock, garbage, and steel mills while the clamshell grab is used to lift small bulk materials, such as, grain, bulk fertilizer, etc.
Grab bucket crane
Application of QZ Double Girder Overhead Crane With Grab

Grab crane is widely used in power station, storage, smelting workshop of steel mill, port, cement plant, and waste recycling station, etc. to load and unload scattered objects. The grab crane has a high requirements on heat, dust, and aggressive environment. We SANTOCRANES can provide you the optimal grab crane according to your working situation.

QZ Double Girder Grab Crane

Grab Cranes and Biofuel Handling Cranes installed in incineration plants are fitted with a hydraulic and rope (Orange Peel or Clamshell) grabs to transport material from the storage bunker into the incinerator. To ensure there is a constant flow of material to burn, the incinerator crane has a high usage, RHC Lifting offers full and semi automated control system to remove operator fatigue, increase positioning accuracy, productivity and safety, whilst reducing operation costs. 

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