Double Girder Bridge Cranes are most frequently used where capacities from 10 tons to 550 tons and/or spans of 10.5 meters to 31.5 meters are needed. They can be utilized at any capacity where extremely high hook lift is required because the hook can be pulled up between the girders. Double Girder Bridge Cranes are often used where high speeds and heavy service are required, or where the crane needs to be fitted with walkways, crane lights, cabs, magnet cable reels or other special equipment. 

QD Model Double Girder Overhead Crane

· QD model double girder overhead crane mainly consists of bridge , trolley traveling mechanism, trolley, electrical equipment, crane hook, etc.

· The crane operation is completed in driver`s cabin.

· The cabin can be installed on  the left or ight according to actual conditions. 

· The operator can enter the cabin from on side, rear or top, which depends on the requirement.

QD Model Double Girder Overhead Crane

Application of overhead crane with hook

The hook overhead crane is widely used to load and transport normal weight in the fixed crossing space and in various special purpose hoists in special operations. However, it is not allowed to be used in combustible, explosive or corrosives environment.


QD Model Double Girder Overhead Crane

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