Single and Double Girder Overhead Crane Index


Single girder overhead is designed as China national standard. It is reasonably structured as well as highly stiff. The common applications are for light duty works. 4-6 working hours per days is reasonable. It is widely seen in workshop, warehouse, processing plant, etc. And it is the best choice for handling work, maintenance work, loading/unloading , transfer goods, etc. The common capacity is from 1ton to 16ton, and Max. 32ton.


All the standards which required for the crane is the chinese national standard, and we also passed the CE, ISO, and BV certificates .The quality is great.

Appearance: compact size, building headroom low, light self-weight.

Using environment: mechanical processing workshop, metallurgical plant auxiliary workshops, warehouses, the field and power stations of transport, assembly and maintenance and handling.

Temperature: - 25°c ~ 40°c

Working duty : A3~A4



Single girder overhead crane



1. Compact structure and light dead weight
2. High working performance
3. Precise and smooth lifting/traveling
4. Advanced manufacturing technology
5. Wireless remote, cabin room, or pendant control, easy operation
6. Convenient and low cost maintenance
7. Small dimension, Small Occupied Space

Safety features  

1. Weight overload protection device
2. Lifting height limit device
3. Crane traveling limit switch
4. Emergency stop function
5. Warning indicator: flashing lights and warning sound
6. Wireless infra-detector for anti-collusion
7. Phase sequence protection function
8. Voltage lower protection function


Single girder overhead crane have below types, customers can customize different types of crane according to different needs.

Single girder overhead crane



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