7 Reasons to Choose Our Crane


7 Reasons to Choose Our Crane



7 Reasons to Choose Our Crane

  • Capacities from 1 ton – 5 ton
  • Spans from 8ft. – 30ft.
  • Heights from 10ft. – 20ft.
  • Easily moved to any location in a facility
  • Cost effective for areas with infrequent lifts








Features and Benefits:  Options and Accessories:
  • Square tubing uprights, knee braces, and channel base provide for stable lifting and movement
  • Bolted beam to upright connection ensures safety
  • Molded phenolic casters are standard and provide for easy movement
  • Phenolic wheel
  • Phenolic casters with brake (standard on 1 ton only
  • Floor protecting urethane casters with or without brake
  • Four position bolt-on swivel locks
  • Steel v-groove rigid body casters without brake
  • End stops
  • Fixed length v-groove track


7 Reasons to Choose Our Crane



Lifting materials anywhere in a facility

Localized handling

Over machines for maintenance and pulling product

Anywhere lifting equipment is needed on an infrequent basis


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