Shipbuilding gantry crane is one type of gantry crane with large lifting capacity, multiple functions and high efficiency, which is dedicated to transport the subsections of large ship, butt jointing, and overhead turning on dock or shipyard. Ship building gantry crane is perfectly used in ship building port. The crane can be single girder or double girder, single crab or double crab type according to the work requirement. High lifting height and big span make the crane work excellently. The whole crane travels on the rails and powered by cable drum.


Working mechanism: 

· Single hanging, lifting hanging, air overturning, air unbalanced tiny turn grievances, such as micro-multiple functions.

· Upper-crab has double main hooks separately situated at the outer side of the main girder which can separate or simultaneously horizontally move within 0-2m.

· Lower crab has main and auxiliary hooks situated below the center of girder.

· The two crabs can mutual act in the air.

· In order to prevent the attacks of storms, there are reliable wind-shielding devices such as rail clamp, ground anchor.

Shipbuilding Gantry Crane


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