As a cable-free vehicle, the KPD-series Low Voltage Conductor Rail Transfer Cart has high security and flexibility. Since the railway plays a very important role in operating the KPD-series vehicles, the installation requirement of this kind of railway is relatively high compared to that of other kinds of flat carriage. Insulation treatment and compensate copper bars are needed for the railways. Additional step-down transformers are preferred. As a result, the cost of this kind of railways is higher than other types. But as a whole, the KPD-series vehicles are cost-effective and very popular in the market.


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KPDS Model Heavy Duty Low Voltage Conductor Rail Transfer Cart (AC. 3-Phase Motor)

For the KPDS-series low-voltage rail-way power-supply carriage, the ground step-down transformer of the carriage can step down the voltage from 380v to 36v, and then links it to the conducting railways. The sliding blocks then lead the electricity to the step-up transformer equipped on the electric flat carriage. After that, the step-up transformer raise the voltage up to AC 380v and then the electric flat vehicles start operating.

In summary, AC 380V is transformed into AC 36V by way of transformer into rails, and then sent to the step-up transformer for triphase AC 380V alternating current to YZ motor.

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1) You have to be sure of rails insulation.

2) If travelling distance beyond 70 meters, you have to add another step-down transformer.

3) For rated load above 100 tons, you have to adopt triphase 36V low-voltage-rail-power-supply and YZ motor.


KPDZ Model Light Duty Low Voltage Conductor Rail Transfer Cart (DC. 2-Phase Motor)

KPDZ type rail transport trailer is powered from 36v two-phase rails. It is two-phase electricity on rails. the transport trailer's wheels conduct the AC 36v on rail into the electrical appliance box at the bottom of the trailer. And then the AC 36v is transfer into DC 36v and then control the DC motor through the DC control system to make transfer cart start, stop, forward, and backward, etc.
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Application of Low Voltage Conductor Rail Transfer Cart

The railway transport car is mainly applied in assembly line(ring production line, loop production line), metallurgy industry (steel ladle), warehouse transport, ship industry (maintenance, assemble, container transport), workpiece transport in workshop, lathe transport, steel factory(steel billet, steel plate, steel coil, steel pipe, section steel, steel structure), construction(bridge, simple building, concrete, concrete column), petroleum industry(oil pump, sucker rod and parts), energy(polycrystalline silicon, generator, windmill), chemical industry(electrolytic cell, retort etc), railway(rail maintenance, rail welding, train tractor).


Assembly line: Due to advantage of without cable, it is mainly applied in assembly line, can realize the straight rail, S shape rail, U shape rail, C shape rail, Arc-shaped rail, 90 degree turn rail, crossing rail etc.


Metallurgy industry: With the functions of steady traveling, stepless speed regulation, the cart is commonly applied to transfer steel ladle, aluminum ladle, lead ladle, steel slag etc. Generally the outer surface temperature of the ladle is 200-300 degree , due to the high temperature, the cart should be designed with heat exposure proof device, expecially to the  motor, reducer and electric appliance.


Shipbuilding: Due to the large load capacity, the cart is applied in ship industry to transfer workpieces, maintenance tools(propeller, motor etc.). The cart is also applied in dock or harbor to transfer cargoes and containers. If needed, the hydraulic lifting device , weighing device and automatic device can be added.

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