HC model and HM model electric wire rope hoist is a kind of heavy duty hoisting equipments. HC electric hoist has only one normal speed which can satisfy normal application, while HM electric hoist provides two speed: the normal speed and the creep speed, while the latter one can do precision loading and unloading,mounting of sand box,maintenance of machine tools,etc. Thus the application of  HM Electric hoist is more wider than HC.

ire rope electric hoist

The main difference between HC/HM and CD1/MD1 is the shape, HC square, CD1/MD1 round. Generally, HC/HM electric hoist lifting capacity is over 16 tons, so the HC/HM is more suitable for the hoisting large tonnage cargo relatively.


HC/HM suitable for electrical connection sustained rate of 25-50%,  connecting times is 120-300 per hour and frequent starts and stops working.

Air relative humidity of not more than 85% (+25 °C), non-corrosive gases, high temperatures should not be lifting or toxic, flammable and explosive materials.


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